Also known as...
LEAT: Least Expensive Alternative Treatment
LEPAT: Least Expensive Professionally Acceptable Treatment
LEAT: Least Expensive Acceptable Treatment
LEPAAT: Least Expensive Professionally Acceptable Alternative Treatment

Alternate Benefits

For procedures in which multiple or alternative methods of treatment exist, benefits are provided for the least costly treatment, regardless of the treatment the dentist feels is best, or the treatment that the patient chooses. Often the difference in fees is the patient responsibility.

It is a determination of benefits based on the terms of the insurance plan that was purchased by the patient, or more commonly, the plan purchased by the patient's employer.

The purchased insurance plan is a legally-binding contract, and the insurance companies (and the dental consultants) EW obligated to enforce it. Most insurance companies have multiple plans to choose from. Different plans have different levels of benefits and different exclusions. The purchaser of the plan is the one who ultimately makes the choice of benefits contained in the plan.

This determination is not intended to reflect negatively on the dentist's treatment plan or to recommend which treatment should be provided. The dentist and patient should decide the actual course of treatment.